Waterproofing at its best!

Our qualified roofers can detect roof leaks and propose the best leak repair solutions. If you leave your roof to an amateur, the results will be too expensive and dangerous to bear. Moreover, leaving your roof leaks for long is an even bigger mistake. Trust your roof repair to a qualified roofer. We can fix the water damage and even install a new waterproofed roof.

Waterproofing solution

Maintaining a sound roof is a crucial task for every homeowner in Belize. Keep your home interior dry and protect your surface finish with us. If your roof or surfaces are damaged or worn out, you should consult Delnox Construction- the waterproofing specialist. We keep water from seeping in and rotting the wood sheathing beneath. Get affordable repairs as fast as possible.

Our trained technicians use the superior waterproofing products to combat the toughest waterproofing challenges. We specialise in all types of waterproofing- for residential and commercial purposes. We will stop water and moisture from going through your roof and surfaces. We aim to restore, preserve, and add value to your roof while saving you dollars in roof replacement. Apart from stopping leaks, beautifying, and preserving your roof, we will make your building cooler by using reflective finishes.

Are you concerned about energy costs to cool the building? Get energy-saving Cool Roof Systems installed today. Save up to 30% on AC cooling costs and make your buildings cooler even without using an air conditioner on most days. We will help your roof breathe & use materials that will help it stay dry. We have complete waterproofing solution. Trust us.

We can install cool roof tiles in your home or office to reflect the sun’s heat. We take care of ventilation so that the building experiences pleasant temperature during hot summer days while providing better protection against leaks. Delnox Cool Roof System makes living comfortable and helps in saving energy expenses to keep the spaces cool. Just remember, such a roof can last longer than traditional roofs.

Roofing installation

Are you planning of a new roof or reroof? Consider Delnox Energy-Efficient Cool Roof System!

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