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Specialising in all types of waterproofing, Delnox can install energy-saving Cool Roof Systems that can save you up to 30% on AC cooling costs. So, now you can make your buildings cooler even without using an air conditioner.

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Water leak? Get a roof built to last!

We all love rain but what we all hate is running for a drip bucket every time the weather gets beautiful! It’s time to say goodbye to leaky roofs by getting them permanently fixed with Delnox Construction.

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Roofing contractor and tools

imgRoofing Protection

Do not let dampness, cracks or leaks affect the décor of your beautiful home or office. We have a revolutionary range of hi-tech and specialised chemical products for the ultimate protection of your roof. Whether it is an exposed or concealed roof, we can fix it or even install a new waterproofed roof. For waterproofing of terrace, decks & foundation walls, call us.

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imgHome Evaluation

Why waste money on roof maintenance and energy consumption? Save big on roofing! Let us upgrade your current roof with the installation of sustainable roofing and waterproofing system. Our waterproofing inspectors will visit your place for a home evaluation. Let us diagnose and evaluate water intrusion leak problems. Call us now to schedule an expert home evaluation.

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Building the right weatherproof roof solutions

Delnox Construction is the premier waterproofing company in Belize. We have been doing waterproofing for the last 18 years. With our trained technicians and the superior waterproofing products we use, we are ready and able to take on the toughest waterproofing challenges.

Waterproofing is the art of stopping water and moisture from going through your roof and surfaces. The waterproofing will restore, preserve, and add value to your roof while saving you money in replacement costs. It will not only stop leaks, beautify, and preserve your roof, but it will also make your building cooler when reflective finishes are used.

Delnox Construction is specialised in waterproofing surfaces including concrete, metal, wooden decks, wooden verandas, asphalt shingles, foundation walls and expansion joints.

The Delnox Commitment

DELNOX is committed to using only top quality products from Hydro Stop, StreetBond, Gaco Western, Lanco, Cannon Tone, and Seka Flex, approved by Miami-Dade County, one of the highest approval rating agencies in the USA. These manufacturers all stand behind their products.

The Delnox Guarantee

Customers continually demand better and more advanced products and DELNOX is committed to finding and using only the finest professional grade guaranteed products. We offer guaranteed commercial and residential waterproofing from 5 to 12 years, most of which is underwritten by the manufacturers.